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Review - The Secrets of College Life

View the trailer here at Hornet Pictures.

Although it may not have a strong story line it certainly has high production values, a cute cast, and some pretty hot boy on boy action and it's easily one of the best "twink" films I've seen in ages! Unfortunately I couldn't get screen shots like I normally do so I'm just posting various stills from the film.

'The Secrets Of College Life' is the first vanilla adult feature from STG Pictures new studio Hornet Pictures. The film’s director Richard O’Shea says that after reviewing many of the current gay adult titles everything seemed to be the same it was becoming harder to differentiate one European studio from another.

And I have to say he’s done a fabulous job with this feature film and it’s a studio to watch out for!

The film begins with a cute young twink named Nicky who gets off a quick wank before his mom yells up to him and then it’s off to boarding college “Howard Hall”. The film definitely has a mainstream feature film feel to it as the boy’s head up and down the stairs and a headmaster speaks to one of the students.

In the dorm a bunch of boys settle down in their bunks and listen to the radio while a couple of others are off to the showers.

As the boys break open some champagne back in the dorm, Nicky goes down on an adorable, nicely hung blond twink. A nice first day of school is all I can say! It’s an enjoyable suck that eventually leads to the blonde topping his mate and fucking him from behind bareback.

Plenty of close-up penetration shots as the two fuck to their hearts delight! Nicky ends up on his back and as his buddy fucks away he shoots a nice load to his abs we get to see twice, one in slow motion. Meanwhile the blonde pulls out and squirts a nice load leaving Nicky covered in jizz as the showers continue to run in the background. A pretty nice opening scene if I do say so myself!

Back in the dorm the guys are still drinking champagne and then whip out not only some porn mags but their dicks as well as they do a group wank.

Meanwhile a couple of students make their way to a storage room so they can screw around on their own. As they begin to suck one another the film switches back and forth to the dorm where all kinds of sucking and combinations are taking shape. All the boys are pretty cute and I don’t think I’d throw any of them out of bed myself! It all seems pretty natural and realistic as well and there’s not a soft cock in the bunch! Back in the dorm a heavily tattooed boy is getting his cock worked over by two others while they play with themselves and get nice and horny. Back in the storage room the fucking’s begun and it’s a nice sight to see!

The top has a nice firm, muscular body and knows how to pound some serious ass that’s for sure! He drives it in hard and deep then pulls out to shoot a real nice load onto his mates butt hole before pushing it deep inside with his fingers. In the dorm the boys are getting rather frisky and use the cork to tease one’s ass before two others take turns shoving their dicks inside him. If this doesn’t give you a boner I don’t know what will! The threesome continues while the bottom back in the storage area gives his buddy a nice facial. Just as he begins to shoot another cute blonde opens the door and quickly closes it, while these two begin to fuck some more! Can you say insatiable? The top shoots another big creamy load to his fuck buddies ass just as the headmaster catches them and tells them to report to his office. Back in the dorm the fucking continues and there’s even some dildo action at one point. Eventually all three bust a nut.

Various shots about campus, a boy boxing, classroom, and the two from the storeroom, Mitchell and Brown, getting reprimanded with a bit of a thrashing from the headmaster. In another college dorm room three boys have a quick wank off competition which was kind of fun.

They strip down, lie back, and quick begin to jerk off. I really didn’t care who won but was kind of rooting for the one on the end with the nice, thick cock! “I’m off for some tea” a professor states leaving three boys by themselves in an empty classroom. We all know where this is going to lead. Back at the competition it doesn’t take long before they each cum one by one. My boy was the winner of course!

Back in class one boy takes control while he spanks his buddies ass with a cane. They surely don’t seem to mind though. The three find a porn magazine in the professors desk and before you know it they’ve got their trousers down and their dicks out and a blond boy goes down on both of them!

He bounces back and forth between them then measures the two to see who’s bigger. It doesn’t make much difference because both hard, throbbing cocks eventually make there way deep inside his ass! They make great use of the desk as they pound away at that tight hole and deliver some pretty hot barebacking action!

It ends with cum flying everywhere with some really great big, juicy loads!

More shots in and around campus before our lead, Nicky, finds a fellow student boxing. After a few punches the two being making out while another duo is off at the infirmary. A student gets undressed and lies on a table and gets left there while the doctor gets called away. His buddy says, “I’ll be the doctor now” and begins with a thorough examination. At the gym Nickey is down on his knees and begins devouring the boxers hard cock. The film jumps back and forth between scenes, a bit more focused on the boxer and his mate, but they’re equally impressive! In the infirmary the twink on the table gets a hand job and shoots his load into his buddies hand before getting fed a bit of his own boy juice. Yum! He returns the favor by deep throating his buddy. In the locker room Nicky is now on his back and getting a deep ramming from his blond boxer friend. Lots more great penetration shots before switching back to the infirmary for a nice facial! The action doesn’t stop there though and the two continue with one riding the other! I think it’s the best fucking action between these two scenes and some of the best loads being shot as well! It’s really hot!

The film ends with a couple of boys in detention and as the professor writes a lesson on the blackboard they decide to suck him off. The two just can’t seem to get enough dick as they take turns lapping away at the hard uncut cock getting it all nice and wet.

The professor gets so turned on it doesn’t take long before he’s giving the boys a nice facial! The professor then leaves the boys alone and they get into some serious 69-ing. A heavy duty facial, hand job, and a bit of snowballing rounds out the scene! Very hot!

A few more scenes around campus and then the finale with two boys having sex in an abandoned room while another student gets his ass, cock, and balls inspected by the doctor.

The infirmary was really just a throw-away scene while the other delivers a great facial to his buddy. After he shoots in his mouth his mate sucks his dick clean while gooey gobs drip from his chin before ending with shots around campus and fading to black.

Really a top notch fuck film that has almost a cinematic quality to it. Some of the back and forth between scenes may have been a tad distracting but overall I highly recommend this one!

View the trailer here at Hornet Pictures.

For more photos and behind the scenes visit Hornet Pictures blog.

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