Saturday, 20 August 2011

Session tomorrow...

Yep, it's come around again, in about 12 hours I will be at Mistress R's mercy once more! I very much doubt I will be coming though, since it's only a week since I last came, and that was only a week after the one before, but you never know... if that's what Mistress wants!
Today has been cool. When I came out of the shower Mistress grabbed hold of my cock and talked to me about something (no idea what, it might have been what film we should watch later) while she got me hard. Then she took my cock into her mouth for about three seconds and then walked off. Then she came back and stroked me some more, telling me that I would get my treat later for losing another pound this week.
A few hours later she had me sitting on the couch, and knelt between my legs, sucking my cock. Several times she stopped and gave it a few slaps (nice!) and she sucked me and stroked me for about ten minutes I reckon, and then when she'd had enough she kissed me and groaned into my mouth as she could feel my cock throbbing against her stomach... it was hot!
Mistress declined my offer of pussy worship last night as she wants to wait for Sunday, 'like you do' she said. Hmm, a whole four days! Wow, I'm impressed..... hahahahaha.
I can't wait for tomorrow, I just know it's gonna be awesome, even though I'm sure I won't get to cum.

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