Thursday, 18 August 2011

A little bit of stat work...

So we are just one day away from 20 weeks of Mistress R having total control of my orgasms. In that period I have been allowed to cum 10 times, so that gives us an average of one orgasm every two weeks.

However, if we disregard the first month (April) the average falls from one orgasm every 14 days to one orgasm every 20 days!

Of those ten orgasms, only three have been inside Mistress R.

My longest wait between orgasms was 28 days, the shortest 6 (twice).

Over the same period Mistress R has enjoyed 44 orgasms!

The longest gap was 7 days, the shortest 2 days (many times).

The most orgasms Mistress R has had in one month was 10 (May and July), the most I have had in a month was 4 (April).

The least orgasms in one month was 8 for Mistress R (April) and 1 for me (June).

So far this month Mistress R has had seven orgasms and it looks very likely to be a new record. I have had one orgasm, and I wouldn't be surprised if my next one wasn't until September.

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